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Russia Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens

How to Apply for a Visa to Russia

  • Review the visa requirements below, depending on the type of visa you need (tourist or business).
  • Gather the required documents and review them to ensure you have everything you need.
  • Send your documents to our office or visit our office in Washington, DC.

Special Notes About Russia Visa Applications



On April 8, 2019 the Consulate General of the Russian Federation has announced a $75 price increase in their consular fees. In accordance with the New Agreement between the Russian Federation and the United States of America, the cost of a standard visa application for all categories of visas (single, double or multiple entry) is going up to $198 for US travelers effective immediately. Until the new kits are published, please adjust the total cost of Russia visa processing by $75 per application. Expedited processing fees will stay the same.


Please note that the Consulate of Russia is extremely strict in its visa guidelines. If your application is incomplete or improperly filed, it will slow down the process significantly. If you’d like us to submit the application for you to ensure swift issue, please contact us and ask about our White Glove Service (for an additional fee).

Tourist Visa Requirements
  • Russia Tourist Visa Requirements :

    • Submit your signed passport having two (2) completely blank visa pages and 6 months validity beyond the travel dates. If you need help securing, renewing, or updating your passport, please contact GenVisa at 800-845-8968 for requirements and fees.
    • One (1) recent professional passport-type photograph within 6 months.
    • Application Form.
    • Applicants may apply for a 3-Year Multiple Entry Business Visa. If you apply for this visa, only regular processing applies—rush and emergency processing will not be considered by the Russian Embassy or Consulates.

    Former USSR citizens must submit the following additional documents:

    –       A copy of your Birth Certificate (translation from Russian into English is not required).

    –       A copy of your USSR passport (first page and visa pages) or Departure Record card.

    –       A copy of U.S. Naturalization Certificate.

    –       A copy of your Marriage Certificate, court order, and/or other documents that can serve as legal proof of the name change (if applicable).

    –       If some of the required documents listed above are missing, a detailed letter of explanation, addressed to the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Washington DC, must be submitted along with the application. The letter must include the following:

    • Applicant’s full name, date and place of birth;
    • When and under what circumstances the applicant emigrated from the USSR to the US;

    Any additional information pertaining to the loss of the USSR citizenship.

Business Visa Requirements
  • Business Visa Requirements

    • Submit your signed passport having two (2) completely blank “visa” pages and 6 months validity beyond the travel dates. If you need help securing, renewing, or updating your passport, please contact GenVisa at 800-845-8968 for requirements and fees.
    • One (1) Online Visa Application Form, fully completed and signed.
    • If you would like GenVisa to complete the online application on your behalf, please contact GenVisa to request White Glove Service. There is an additional charge of sixty (60) U.S. Dollars per person for this service.
    • One (1) recent professional passport photograph.
    • Contact Form – Click HERE to print.
    • Applicants may apply for a 3-Year Multiple Entry Business Visa. If you apply for this visa, only regular processing applies—rush and emergency processing will not be considered by the Russian Embassy or Consulates.
    • An official letter of invitation is required. If you are applying for a 3-Year Multiple Entry Business Visa the ORIGINAL Letter of Invitation is required.
    • Your hosting company or organization in Russia must request your letter of invitation through the Russian Ministry of Interior.
    • A business letter of responsibility is required to be typewritten on your company letterhead and addressed to:

                 Embassy of Russia, Visa Section, Washington D.C.

    The letter must explain all of the following:

    • The purpose of travel
    • Business reference to be visited in Russia
    • Guarantee financial support for the applicant while in Russia
    • Return transportation to the U.S.
    • The letter must be signed by a company officer other than the applicant.

    Please contact GenVisa at 800-845-8968 for Consular Fees for Business Visas.

Processing Instructions
Please forward the completed requirements detailed above to:
Generations Visa Service
2233 Wisconsin Ave NW
Suite 311
Washington, DC 20007

Consular Fees:

  • $198.00 – Single, Double or Multiple Entry.


GenVisa Service Fee:

$79.00 per visa (30 days or more)

  • Add $45.00 per person for expedited service within 30 days
  • Add $195.00per person for expedited service within 21 days
  • Add $350.00 for Multiple Entry 3 year visa expedited process within 21 days.

$35.00  per Visa Support Letter/ Invitation Letter

$600.00 per Business Visa Support Letter/ Invitation Letter


Please contact us for processing fees and instructions within 6 days.

Optional insurance:
$9.00 per passport:
  • in the unlikely event that your passport is lost or damaged in transit. This will cover your full out of pocket visa(s) and passport replacement costs up to $2,000.
Return Postage

Continental USA Only:

  • $34.00 FedEx Letter (Next Business Day – up to three passports)
  • $24.00 FedEx 2nd Business Day
  • $55.00 FedEx Letter (Saturday Delivery)


Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands:

Add $35.00 to the shipping fee chosen above

Need a Visa Order Form? Download a Copy Here!
For international shipping costs, please contact GenVisa.

Notes About Our Visa & Passport Services

Russia’s single-entry tourist visa is issued for an exact staying period of time, for a period of stay not to exceed 30 days. Although vaccination certificate is not required for visa issuance, check with physician or local health clinic for vaccination requirements and recommendations.

Passport must have at least six (6) months remaining validity and contain two (2) blank visa pages for visa to be issued. GenVisa can assist with obtaining U.S. Passports, whether new issue or renewal.

Special requirements exist for U.S. Official and Diplomatic passport holders.

Send ALL the requirements above (and a check payable to Generations Visa Service) via traceable form of mail to the GenVisa office immediately. GenVisa will hand-carry your application to the Embassy if applicable. Please allow at least 21 business days of processing time.


GenVisa acts only as an agent. It is the traveler’s responsibility to fully and accurately complete the application. GenVisa cannot be held responsible for any delays or loss of passports when not in the actual possession of GenVisa.


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